Using The Online Minisite Maker In A Box

To start creating a site right away follow these instructions:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop to store your minisite

  2. Create another folder inside this folder called 'images'

  3. Put in the images folder all the images you will use on your minisite

Open up Online Minisite Maker in your browser and fill in all the fields you want as follows:

Hover over for help

Keywords :
Page Title :
Background image :
Background colour :    

Header :

Content :

Payment :

Bottom :

Footer :

When all the required fields have been completed click the 'create minisite' button. This will open a new window showing your minisite. Dont worry about the way it looks at the moment!
  1. Click the 'File' menu of this new browser window and select 'Save As' Where it says 'Save As Type' select 'Webpage HTML only'

  2. In the 'file name' box type in 'index.html' then browse to the folder you created in step 1 and click 'save'

  3. Close the new browser window..

To view your new minisite goto the folder created in step 1 and double click 'index.html'
Your new minisite should open with all images showing Check that your new minisite functions correctly.

If it doesn't or you want to change anything just go back to the Online Minisite Maker In A Box window and make any alterations, then repeat from step 3.

When you are satisfied that all is ok with your minisite you can close the Online Minisite Maker In A Box window.

The final step is to upload the index.html file and the images folder to your server.


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